BLOG - Learn More About The Power of Aqueous Ozone

Our favorite eco-friendly laundry room swaps to pair with your Smart Laundry System Plus!


Organic solvents, alternatively referred to as VOCs or volatile organic compounds, are carbon-based substances that can be carcinogenic, neurotoxic, harmful to the reproductive system, and even contribute to the development of autoimmune diseases. 

Before the arrival of modern detergents, ancient civilizations

utilized animal fat or lye for washing clothes.



Stay safe from SPOOKY laundry detergent ingredients.
These ingredients are known to cause skin, eye, and lung irritations as well as... 
Take a trip through time to discover the origins of O3!
When people hear the word ozone, they usually think of the outer layer of the Earth’s atmosphere. 
Aqueous ozone is when ozone is dissolved into water. 
The term “forever chemicals” is being used in mainstream media,
but what are they exactly?
O3 Clean Community Spotlight: @holisticmedicinemama
Sharing stories of a non-toxic lifestyle from our community...
All about the Smart Laundry System!
Say goodbye to irritating dyes, fragrances and additives that can irritate skin and respiratory systems... 
New cleaning solutions are sprouting up for Spring! 
The seasons are changing and so is the way we clean our clothes...
Do you have itchy red skin after washing your clothes in laundry detergent? 
Too Blessed to be Stressed About Skin Irritation...
Drop the Detergent & Switch to the Smart Laundry System
We just can't with carinogens...
A recent study published by Air Quality, Atmosphere and Health discovered...
Is Your Terrifying Toothbrush Keeping You Up At Night? 
According to researchers at the University of Manchester your toothbrush is a germ magnet...
The Weather Outside is Frightening & So Is Your Winter Gear
No need to bundle up for a detergent run...
 O3waterworks, The Ultimate Tidy Travel Buddy
A must-have for the traveling season.
The Sanitizing Spray Bottle is the key to traveling with a peace of mind...
 O3waterworks Green Gift Guide 🎁
The perfect present for the planet.
This bottle is the surprise that will sleigh this holiday season...
 Don’t Be a Turkey, Clean While You Cook This Thanksgiving
Our food-safe Aqueous Ozone technology is something to be truly thankful for.
With just one spray, turkey germs stay away...
 ♻️ The Clean, Green, Hospitality Machine ♻️
Cleanliness is next to environmental friendliness...
Save 🍓 Your 🍓 Berries 🍓
Aqueous Ozone can help your most delicate produce last longer.
Make your berries last longer with O3...
Dwell Time ⏰ Are You Cleaning Correctly?
Are you making this huge cleaning mistake?
How to clean effectively with the Sanitizing Spray Bottle. 
Bye Bye Smell 👋 🤢
How does Aqueous Ozone break down even the most stubborn smells?
Get rid of any odor with Aqueous Ozone from the o3waterworks Sanitizing Spray Bottle.
Have We Met??? 😉
The all-in-one cleaner you didn't know you needed.
Get to know the Sanitizing Spray Bottle from o3waterworks.
Rescue Your Produce with Aqueous Ozone! 🥕🍏🍓
Aqueous Ozone eliminates pesticides, sanitizes, and improves your produce's shelf life. 
The simple solution to cleaning fruits and veggies starts here...
Laundry ➕ Cold Water ➖ Detergent = 💲💲 in Your Pocket!
The Smart Laundry System saves you money in three ways. 
A laundry system that helps your wallet, health, clothes and the environment.
How To Avoid a Cleaning Hangover 😫
Exposure to Volatile Organic Compounds can cause headaches.
Why Aqueous Ozone won't cause you any trouble...
🌻🌻 Protect and Nourish your Plants with o3 🌷🌷
See the benefits to exposing your plants to Aqueous Ozone.
👋 Say Goodbye to Laundry Detergent 👋
Ditch the harmful chemicals and switch to Aqueous Ozone, a powerful cleaner that uses only cold water. 
An Aqueous Ozone Spray Bottle for Your Business
Meet the EnozoPro!
🐶 Safe For Your Pets, Too! 😸
Four tips for keeping your pets clean with our Sanitizing Spray Bottle.
The Secret to Ozone's Success
Wondering how our products actually work and clean?
Got Mold? 🤢 We've Got You Covered
Our Sanitizing Spray Bottle attacks mold fast...
Avoid Food Borne Illnesses Before It's Too Late
Our CEO talks about the motivation behind starting o3waterworks.
🌿 Spring Cleaning just got easier and cheaper!! 🌼
Spring cleaning is going green this year

⚡⚡ Lightning in a Bottle ⚡⚡
The cleansing power of a a spray bottle.
💎 Make It Shine Like A Diamond 💎
Diamonds that (make your countertops) shine.
What Can't It Clean?! 😮 O3's Many Uses
Ozone is used in industries around the world.