Smart Laundry System 101

Smart Laundry System 101


All About The Smart Laundry System


With dozens of 5 star reviews, the O3 Waterworks Smart Laundry System is a detachable unit that connects directly to your washing machine to transform ordinary tap water into Aqueous Ozone to deep clean your clothes without harmful chemicals. 


Aqueous Ozone replaces toxic chemical cleaners that can have harsh consequences on your skin and surroundings. 


Our patented design senses the environment and is able to make adjustments to the O3 concentration. The user can choose between normal mode or boost mode based on volume of water, humidity, temperature, and water pressure. Boost mode creates double the amount of aqueous ozone into the washing machine and is great for those machines that use less water.


What is Aqueous Ozone?


It’s Ozone (O3) dissolved in water. Ozone consists of three loosely bound Oxygen atoms that readily give up an Oxygen ion to react and oxidize with organic contaminants.


Ozone is a powerful oxidizing agent. When dissolved in water it works directly on the surfaces it comes in contact with, including your laundry and your washing machine. It’s natural sanitizing and deodorizing powers have been used at hospitals and hotels for many years.


What Can it Do?


The Smart Laundry System creates aqueous ozone, a non toxic, fragrance free oxidizing agent made from cold tap water and oxygen. Say goodbye to irritating dyes, fragrances and additives that can irritate skin and respiratory systems.


  1. It attaches easily to the wall without the need for a plumber or electrician. The stainless steel unit weighs only 8 pounds, making it easy to lift onto its wall mount bracket. A Phillips head screwdriver, channel lock pliers and a level are all that's needed to hang your unit in about 20 minutes.
  2. Save money by never needing detergent or hot water. The Smart Laundry System cleans your laundry without the need for detergent. We do recommend spot treating any touch stains before throwing in the washing machine. Save on your electricity bill because aqueous ozone is readily made from cold tap water, no hot water needed.
  3. Boost Mode delivers double the amount of aqueous ozone. This mode was created for washing machines that use less water to deliver more aqueous ozone to the load and for any loads that need just a little bit extra. Normal mode creates .5 milligrams per meter of Aqueous Ozone, while Boost Mode doubles this concentration to 1 milligram per meter.
  4. Attack mold, mildew and other bacterias living in your washing machine. Not only does it clean your laundry, aqueous ozone cleans anything it comes into contact with. Thus keeping your washing machine on guard from built up mold, mildew and more.



Unboxing the Smart Laundry System


Inside each box:

  1. The Smart Laundry System, a Stainless Steel Unit
  2. Instruction Manual
  3. Wall Mount Guide
  4. Wall Mount Bracket
  5. Bracket Hardware
  6. 2 Stainless Steel Water Hoses
  7. Power Plug
  8. Remote Control


Ditch the Harsh Chemicals and Start Saving!


With the Smart Laundry System, you’ll never have to rely on another toxic chemical-based laundry cleaner again. Hotels and hospitals have been using aqueous ozone on a large scale for decades, we are now able to bring this technology to a single family home with the same amazing results. Most common detergents have over 15 added chemicals, fragrances and dyes that can be irritating to skin, respiratory and neurological systems. It also can break down the fabric in your laundry faster.  Save money, protect your health and let your laundry last longer with the Smart Laundry System.

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