Got Mold? 🤢 We've Got You Covered

Got Mold? 🤢 We've Got You Covered



It is approaching mold season in the United States, as the summer and fall months tend to bring extra humidity to many parts of the country. Warm damp weather can trigger mold that has been festering in your home to release its spores and ultimately make you and your family sick.

Mold spores stick to surfaces, and, in the right warm and damp conditions, will grow tendrils – those are the fuzzy looking things that you find growing in your shower or refrigerator. But mold can grow anywhere under the right conditions, including tile, carpet, wood, rubber and painted surfaces.

Mold spores can get into your nose, causing allergy symptoms. They can also get into your lungs and trigger asthma. Studies have shown a link between mold exposure in infants and the development of asthma symptoms as early as age 3.

How to attack mold 

Many so-called experts will advise you to use harsh chemicals such as chlorine or bleach to remove mold, but in reality, you will only be putting more toxic chemicals into your home’s air. In most cases, cleaning with these products will leave a background level of mold spores that can still cause allergic reactions.

The Aqueous Ozone created by the o3waterworks Sanitizing Spray Bottle blasts all fungal spores at the source. Unlike with bleach or chlorine, you won’t be putting hazardous chemicals into your air and you won’t be damaging or discoloring walls, fabrics or other surfaces to which it is applied.

Once you’ve successfully attacked the mold with your Sanitizing Spray Bottle, you can help create an environment in your home that is less welcoming to mold. That means improving proper air flow between rooms, maintaining humidity levels below 35% and using central air conditioning with proper filters (replace filters every three months).

Pay close attention to moisture in areas like bathrooms, basements and laundry rooms. Using the Sanitizing Spray bottle, a regular spray down of mold-prone areas like showers can help prevent mold from forming and growing into a problem.



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