How To Avoid a Cleaning Hangover - Exposure to Volatile Organic Compounds can cause headaches.

How To Avoid a Cleaning Hangover - Exposure to Volatile Organic Compounds can cause headaches.



Cleaning up around the house can be a real headache. But it shouldn’t give you an ACTUAL headache. Sometimes it’s not just the physical strain that causes us pain at cleaning time. Ingredients in common household cleaning products are known to cause headaches, including migraines.



Why Do Cleaning Products Cause Headaches?


Have you ever had a headache just from walking down the cleaning aisle at the store?


Those shelves are lined with cleaning products like disinfectants and degreasers that contain Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), gases that are released from certain liquids and solids. They are often toxic and can trigger headaches.


VOCs known to be harmful are found throughout common household cleaners. Common VOCs include Formaldehyde (found in dishwashing liquid), Terpenes (found in many household cleaners), Ethanol (found in many multi-purpose cleaners), Dichlorobenzene (found in deodorizers and used to control mold) and Acetone (found in household surface cleaners). Cleaning products that most often contain VOCs include bleach, air fresheners, oven cleaners, and rug/carpet cleaners.


If it smells like a chemical, it's a VOC.



How to Limit Your VOC Exposure


Considering how prevalent VOCs are, it’s almost impossible to avoid them. If you do choose to use typical household cleaners containing VOCs, be sure to ventilate the area in which you are cleaning, keep products away from children and try not to mix products.


But the easiest way to cut out your exposure to these hazardous gases known as VOCs is to stop shopping altogether for the cleaning products that contain them.


The Sanitizing Spray Bottle from o3waterworks was designed specifically to help you and your family avoid exposure to these harmful chemicals. The beauty of this bottle is that the only ingredients are tap water and electricity. The patented diamond electrolytic cell inside each bottle converts water into Aqueous Ozone, a natural cleaner and oxidizer that won’t give your head a cleaning hangover. Clean anything from surfaces to ovens to dishes and even mold, all with just the water from your tap.



But Why Stop There?


Using the Smart Laundry Attachment from o3waterworks means you never again will have to purchase laundry detergent that leaves toxic residue on your clothing and that can be absorbed by your skin. With the Smart Laundry Attachment, you can machine wash all your clothing with nothing but cold water that is automatically converted into powerful Aqueous Ozone.



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