The Winter Weather Woe's

The Winter Weather Woe's




The Weather Outside is Frightening and Dear So is Your Winter Gear


When you break a sweat sledding, stain your snow pants with salt, or let that damp sweater pile sit a little too long in the corner, O3waterworks Aqueous Ozone Smart Laundry System has your back. Our Smart Laundry System attaches to your laundry machine and creates an oxygen-powered solution that attacks stains, scents, and bacteria in the blink of an eye. 



No Need to Bundle Up for a Detergent Run


Do you have sensitive skin this time of year? Regular laundry detergent is chock full of irritating fragrances and dyes. O3waterworks has come up with a solution.  Aqueous Ozone is created when three loosely bound oxygen atoms release an oxygen ion which when combined with your home’s cold water generates a cleaning solution that you’ll write home to Mom about. Did we mention that Ozone does double duty while cleaning your clothes? It also blasts the bacteria that produce that musty odor in your washer. Every time you put a load in your whites are made whiter, your snow gear is left stainless, and those socks smell like a crisp January day.



Ski Season Savings


The cost to heat our homes has gone up over 17% this year according to the National Energy Assistance Directors’ Association. With energy prices on the rise and no sign of them slowing down, there is no better time to invest in the Smart Laundry System. Since your unit is powered by cold water you can rest easy knowing that your sparkling ski jacket didn’t cost you an arm and a leg. When you use your O3waterworks Aqueous Ozone Smart Laundry System you will be saving big money on your bills that you can put towards the things that are most important…like hot cocoa. 


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