The Smart Laundry System Saves You Money Three Ways đź’°

The Smart Laundry System Saves You Money Three Ways đź’°



Save Money Three Ways!


By now you’ve probably seen the commercials from a major nationwide laundry detergent brand advertising cold-only detergent pods.

According to the ad, you can save $150 a year by using cold water in your washing machine. Those are real energy savings that can make a real difference in your budget, not to mention the environment.


But what if you could save on energy costs AND laundry detergent, putting even more money back into your pocket, while avoiding exposure to chemicals that are hazardous to your health?


O3waterworks' Smart Laundry System uses only cold water and ZERO DETERGENT, saving you money at the store and in your energy bill.

The Smart Laundry System turns ordinary, cold tap water into Aqueous Ozone, an all-natural and powerful cleaner. It can be used with any residential washing machine and is easy to install without the aid of a plumber or electrician.


The Aqueous Ozone cleans your laundry, cleans the water and cleans the laundry machine while in use. The most important part: It leaves your laundry clean and smelling fresh and your skin free of the numerous toxins hiding inside laundry detergents.


According to the Department of Energy and the American Laundry Association, the average family of four does eight loads of laundry a week, costing $665 annually in energy and detergent. That means that in less than eight months, the money you save on detergent and hot water will pay for the cost of the o3waterworks Smart Laundry Attachment ($399).


You can feel even better about your investment knowing that you’re never buying laundry detergent again, putting less plastic waste into your trash and no longer exposing your skin to the toxic chemical residues left behind by detergents. The Smart Laundry System is tough on dirt and gentle on fabrics. The cold water and detergent-free cleaning help your clothes last longer, saving you even more.


If you’re keeping count, that’s three ways the o3waterworks Smart Laundry System saves you money: 1) on your energy bill, 2) on your detergent costs, and 3) on your clothing budget.



Aqueous Ozone Smart Laundry System Features


  • No detergent required
  • Uses cold water
  • Turns water into Aqueous Ozone, a powerful, all-natural cleaner
  • Compatible with any residential washing machine
  • No plumber or electrician required for installation



Smart Laundry System Benefits


  • Never buy laundry detergent again
  • Save energy costs on hot water
  • Create less plastic waste
  • Avoid exposure to toxic chemicals
  • Help clothing last longer



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