An Aqueous Ozone Spray Bottle for Your Business

An Aqueous Ozone Spray Bottle for Your Business



By now you’ve witnessed for yourself the power of Aqueous Ozone to clean practically every surface in your home without using toxic chemicals that are harmful to your home, the people who live in it, and the environment.

In addition to the Sanitizing Spray Bottle and the Smart Laundry System, we want to introduce you to the EnozoPro Spray Bottle, an Aqueous Ozone generator designed with large, commercial businesses in mind. If you are satisfied with how well the o3waterworks Sanitizing Spray Bottle cleans your home, then consider the EnozoPro bottle for industrial-capacity sanitizing power needed for any business.


Whether you are maintaining proper sanitation standards at your restaurant or providing your cleaning staff additional resources to clean your hotel, the EnozoPro is the perfect tool. Wipe down tables, sanitize food prep stations, clean all bathroom surfaces and deodorize furniture and rugs all with just one spray bottle that holds 14 ounces of water and dispenses approximately one gallon of sanitizing solution per battery charge. Just fill with tap water and pull the trigger to clean kitchens, bathrooms, stone, glass, stainless steel, produce and more.


Like the Sanitizing Spray Bottle, the EnozoPro is safe to spray on our around food. It is FDA Food Code Compliant to be used on all commercial foodservice surfaces for sanitization. EnozoPro is also compliant to the USDA CFR exemption to spray directly on finished or unfinished foods. 


EnozoPro is GreenSeal Certified, HACCP certified, and has a MINIMUM warrantied lifetime of 5,000 refills of the bottle. That means never again needing to purchase expensive all-purpose cleaners or bleach-based solutions. The EnozoPro uses only cold water from your tap to create Aqueous Ozone. When you are done cleaning, water and oxygen is your only residue. You will never need to purchase a consumable tablet, pill, solution, or additive to make our ozone generation work properly. 



The EnozoPro Spray Bottle offers a number of advantages over traditional cleaners and oxidizers:

    • Replaces traditional cleaners and sanitizers
    • Kills 99% of all bacteria and pathogens
    • Leaves no harmful residue. Just spray and wipe or spray and allow to dry
    • Reverts to water and air after killing pathogens
    • Ideal for food contact (GRAS)
    • Works on fungi like mold and mildew
    • Lightweight, durable and simple to use
    • Environmental and pet friendly
    • Saves time and money

On average, we save a business about 3-5,000 dollars per EnozoPro Spray Bottle purchased and we require no PPE, chemical handling or operational training, no wipe requirement, and NO RISK to use our technology.  

A Boston based MIT engineering Biotech Company, Enozo has been manufacturing Aqueous Ozone technology for 13 years. Currently we own over 26 patents on this technology. Our breakthrough is that we produce true Aqueous Ozone (not a stabilized chemical disguised as ozone) and deliver it on-demand, in a portable and cost effective, and SAFE manner to your surface. 


Let EnozoPro help your business or association reduce your risk, reach your sustainability goals, and save money.


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