🌻🌻 Protect and Nourish Your Plants with O3 🌷🌷

🌻🌻 Protect and Nourish Your Plants with O3 🌷🌷





We get a lot of questions from our customers about the best ways to use their o3waterworks Sanitizing Spray Bottle. One that keeps coming up is “Is it safe to spray my plants with Aqueous Ozone?”

The answer is: YES

It is perfectly safe to spray your plants with Aqueous Ozone. It has been recognized by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as safe for use on plants as well as food. In fact, studies have shown that there are real benefits to exposing your plants to Aqueous Ozone. 


Help with plant growth


Spraying your plants with Aqueous Ozone will provide them with an abundance of oxygen that will allow them to absorb nutrients more effectively. Additionally, spraying the plant’s roots can accelerate growth and help your plants tolerate stress.


All natural pesticide

Microbial pests like bacteria, viruses and fungi can be the downfall of a healthy plant. When sprayed regularly with Aqueous Ozone, plants become less welcoming to these unwelcome guests.


Avoid Mold

Mold and mildew are some of the biggest dangers to your plants. Aqueous Ozone will attack mold spores and prevent them from returning, creating an environment that will keep your plants healthy and looking great.

By Spraying your plants with the o3waterworks Sanitizing Spray Bottle, you are helping your plants to better absorb the nutrients they need and fend off any pesky intruders. Once the Aqueous Ozone is done sanitizing, it turns back into water that your plant will naturally use for its growth and metabolism.



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