O3waterworks Sanitizing Spray Bottle Customer Reviews

Just a few of our customer reviews...


A magical little bottle


This bottle is magic! I was skeptical at first, but it cleans as good as anything I've ever used. The difference is, this only requires water (and some electricity).

I spray it on my countertops, produce, cutting boards, dog bowls and more. It gets the smell out of my kids' shoes, my dog's bed and even my dog (no joke. I spray it on him and his paws).

Amazing product. Well worth the cost, considering how much this will save me in cleaning supplies.


Love My O3!

Steve Mentele

My son showed me his O3 bottle a few months ago, and I bought mine in preparation for a trip to visit him. I use it to sanitize and freshen everything from my car (no more food or dog odors) to furniture and bedding. It even makes my stinky shoes (even golf shoes that have slogged through the mud) smell better. It cleans fruits and veggies and makes them last longer. I wish I'd gotten one sooner.


Like a lightning storm in a spray bottle!


I've been going all around the house armed with my O3 spray bottle and some microfiber towels. I spray, wait 30 seconds, then wipe down - windows, mirrors, walls, counters, fixtures, door handles, toilets. So great knowing that all the germs have been zapped! And I love being able to just refill and go, no waste like with using disposable wipes. No more buying chemical shower cleaners that give headaches and fill the house with potent smells. Come this winter, I'll be spraying everything down with aqueous ozone to keep the Covid germs out of our house.

The smell is very faint, but it's like that fresh smell after a thunder and lightning storm. Even more amazing is its deodorizing power. I've used it on stinky work out wear and my teen son's polyester sports shirts. Spray and the stink smell is gone! I'll have to test it out on my daughter's sneakers!


Love it!

Damian Dayton

I LOVE THIS BOTTLE! Whenever I spray cleaners around the house, it irritates my lungs and I start coughing. I don’t have that problem anymore. I love that I can clean just about anything and I don’t have to clean off the soaps. It’s amazing on mildews and I even use it on my electric toothbrush.


Love it! Wish I knew about it sooner


I absolutely love it!

I’ve been using this O3 spray bottle all over the house ... and not only! I use it to clean and disinfect counters, sinks, faucets, showers. To clean my white outdoor furniture. To sanitize groceries when I take them into the house (... no need for all those wipes anymore!). To wash fruits and veggies. To remove puppy smell from my furry baby’s toys and bed, which now easily smell like rain!! This bottle is also safe to wash his paws and coat after a walk or play in the yard if muddy. Since I got this spray, I’ve been having fun cleaning and checking out what else I can clean without the use of bleach or other hard chemicals. Best of all, my younger boy loves to clean with it too 🙌🏻

I wish I found out about it in March. It would have saved me from using all those wipes and bleach products to keep my family safe from COVID. Now all I need is water and this bottle. Simply brilliant!!


Very Useful!

Haley Davis

I love using the O3 Spray Bottle to clean around our house. With a new baby around we want to be careful with the chemicals we are using and the O3 Spray Bottle allows us to clean our fruits and veggies, baby pacifier, and even bathroom without harsh cleaners and toxic fumes. Couldn't recommend it more.


O3 is simply AMAZING!


Stop reading these reviews and buy this product now! Not only is the quality of the product above and beyond, but it also delivers on everything that's promised! I spray my 1-year-olds toys with it and rest easy knowing that everything she puts in her mouth (which, as fellow parents know, is everything...) is clean! It's the perfect product for today's environment! I love using it after having guests at the house, spraying doorknobs, and eliminating pet odors. My dog beds smell as fresh as the day we bought them! The fact that there are no harmful chemicals like other cleaning products simply amazes me! Why has the mass public not heard of this technology?!?!?

I wish I could take this thing with me everywhere! If you guys find a way to somehow attach this to a wrist with a spiderman like attachment, please let me know. I'll be a shopping cart and public doorknob superhero! Simply put, This product is amazing. I will be purchasing the laundry unit as well in the near future.





I love this product. I'm so happy to have gotten rid of so many cleaners. It does a better job, doesn't leave a residue and is so versatile. I use it on my glass top tables and no streaks at all in just one swipe. I even used it to spray some old stains out of a mattress. I now clean all my produce as soon as I get it home which makes cooking each night that much quicker and easier. My only question is... can I get this in a spray mop please? :)


Worth it — So incredibly useful!! - life changing


I thought a long time about spending money on this spray bottle. I’ve had it for a year and a half and it is life changing. It’s not just the sanitizing aspect but how it cleans and essentially breaks down into O2 water. I am able to clean things so much easier without chemicals because I don’t have to RINSE! Cleaning the refrigerator is a piece of cake. Wiping smudged doors, tables — any painted or finished wood. No need to use cleaning product that could leave behind residue to damage things. The fact that it cleans well without chemicals makes cleaning so much easier - something I never thought about until I got this bottle. You can saturate something with the O3 water, let it sit/soak and then rinse or wipe clean and easily. You save on buying cleaning products but given the cost of this bottle it probably comes out even? But for me it’s the ease of it and how I can use it in more ways than regular cleaning products (no rinse or residue!) that allows me to clean more things, more often, and more thoroughly. It’s life changing. Hard to describe until you own it and find all the things you can do with it. Truly! I was skeptical at first and worried I was wasting money on a gimmick. And I worry I sound like a commercial. But I really do love this bottle and hope they can keep making it. I know if it were cheaper everyone would have one. Truly!! I use it on things like it was as safe as just plain water but it cleans so much better. Makes life easier.


I love love love my O3 products

Christina Snyder Monahan

I absolutely love my O3 sprayers as well as our O3 laundry system. Last fall I ordered my first sprayer, became a believer, ordered another one and have given many as gifts since then. I tell everyone about them. We have gotten rid of every toxic cleaner in our home and in place use our ozone sprayer. This is not only good for ny husband and I but also our 3 dogs. Animals are more sensitive to toxic chemicals than even humans are.


I use it everyday!


Although I was skeptical, after doing a bit of research, I decided to make this purchase and I am so glad I did. I’ve been moving away from toxic cleaning agents, disposable single use plastics, and harsh chemicals for quite some time now, so this intrigued me from the start. I use it on my countertops daily, but have also found it gives great results for a multitude of other things…. It leaves windows and mirrors spotless, the dog bed odor free, and even seems to keep my houseplants healthier. I’ve owned it for about 6 months now and even with all that daily use, have only had to charge it twice. I’m totally happy with this purchase!


Rid yourself of chemicals

Jonathan White

This is awesome for people that love to frequently clean and are tired of spending so much on chemical cleaners and tired of using the chemical cleaners. I've used this on everything from face masks, kids toys, the bathroom it is amazing how it just works. Love the product!


My wife loves it

DeWayne Hardwick

My wife loves this . One time purchase and saves money from then on . It’s the only thing she uses in our kitchen on counters and on canned food when brought in from the grocery store . I highly recommend this spray bottle to anyone for safe way to sanitize without chemicals the use of dangerous chemicals .



Dana Eaton

My daughter introduced me to the o3 Waterworks spray bottle. I was initially skeptical until I experienced the "squeak' when I dried the counter after using it. I now have a bottle on my first floor and a second upstairs. I use it for cleaning surfaces, fruit & vegetables, eye glasses, stains & spills and just about anything else that needs to be cleaned. The father on My Big Fat Greek Wedding would certainly trade in his Windex for the o3 Waterworks bottle! PS...it also makes a great gift!




Our back porch and deck face north, so our white railings and white outdoor furniture frequently need to be cleaned of mildew and algae. I already liked using the O3 sprayer in the kitchen and bathroom, but I was still a little skeptical about how well it sanitizes. Today I tried it on our railings and was astonished by how easily they cleaned up with just an old rag and aqueous ozone. No bleach or commercial cleaners, no scrub brushes or buckets of water. (I don’t use a power washer for fear of harming the finish.) Cleaning is actually easy and fun, and I am totally sold now.


Amazing product, UNBELIEVABLE customer service!


I can’t say enough about the spray bottle or the customer service. I use the spray bottle every day to clean food, surfaces, even our toothbrushes. The customer service goes above and beyond anything I could ever hope for from a company. I can’t recommend this product enough!!