🐶 Safe For Your Pets, Too! 😸

🐶 Safe For Your Pets, Too! 😸




A home is a happier place with pets. But living with those lovable friends also poses a big challenge to those of us who like a clean home: Keeping it that way.


The o3waterworks Sanitizing Spray Bottle is the perfect tool for pet lovers equally obsessed with keeping their home looking and smelling clean.


Here are four tips on how the Sanitizing Spray Bottle can make cleaning your pets – and the mess they bring – much simpler.

1. Spray your pets – If you have a dog like mine, it doesn’t really like getting hosed off in the bath. And good luck getting it dry before it leaves a trail of water all over your home. Instead, lightly spray your pet down with the Sanitizing Spray Bottle to remove any lingering odors clinging to their fur. They won’t mind the light misting. It might even feel nice on a hot day.

Bonus tip: Spray the bottoms of their paws after a walk to keep them from tracking dirt and bacteria into your home.


2. Spray food bowls and toys – Items that come into regular contact with pets’ mouths can harbor tons of germs. Spray down their food bowls regularly to keep bacteria from growing. Pet toys of any shape or material will also benefit from a good spray down.
Bonus tip: Machine-wash fabric toys with a lot of built up dirt and bacteria using the o3waterworks Smart Laundry System. No need for laundry detergent that can linger on items that will end up in your pets’ mouth. The Smart Laundry System converts water into Aqueous Ozone capable of cleaning anything your pet sinks its teeth into.


3. Act fast with accidents – All pets have the occasional accident indoors. Somehow they always seem to find the nearest rug or carpet, don’t they? After you’ve removed any urine, poop or vomit, use the Sanitizing Spray Bottle to clean the remaining mess or stain. Let the Aqueous Ozone sit for a minute or two before wiping it up. When you’re done, another spray for good measure will help with any lingering odors.


4. Spray beds – If your pet has a favorite place to rest of lay its head for the night, it’s likely leaving somewhat of an odor behind. A quick spray down from the Sanitizing Spray Bottle will leave its bed odor free. Let it air dry. The Aqueous Ozone you are spraying will get to work right away to oxidize and deodorize before turning back into water.



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